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The office covers all areas of general dentistryOral Medicine covers both medically complex patients  (e.g. those on blood thinners, patients with a history of cancer, heart attack, lupus, etc), and treatment of non-dental oral and facial pain and soft tissue diseases (e.g. lichen planus, pemphygoid, leukoplakia, herpes, candidiasis, etc).

We provide a broad range of cosmetic procedures, including composite or laminate veneers, Botox injections, dermal fillers and laser hair removal.  Consultations for cosmetic procedures are free.  

Additionally, we treat chronic pain conditions affecting the oral-facial area, including muscle ache (tension headache), TMJ disturbances, burning mouth syndrome, fibromyalgia, neuralgia (tic doloreu), and neuritis.  We diagnose and treat xerostomia (dry mouth) and taste disturbances.

Our fees are reasonable and package deals are available for more expensive procedures.  There is a 5% discount for up to three new patient referrals (family members count).  Please call for specific prices.

Andrei Barasch, DMD, MDSc

Patient-centered General Dentistry and Oral Medicine